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  • “When my absence doesn’t alter your life, then my presence has no meaning in it.”

    Some Hip Hop Documentaries

    Bazooka Tooth: Cannibal Ox & Def Jux (Part 1)

    Bazooka Tooth: Cannibal Ox & Def Jux (Part 2)

    Bazooka Tooth: Cannibal Ox & Def Jux (Part 3)

    The Show

    Rhyme and Reason

    A Tribe Called Quest: Beats, Rhymes and Life

    Welcome 2 Deathrow Part 1

    Welcome 2 Deathrow Part 2

    MF DOOM - Redbull Music Academy Lecture

    Something From Nothing: The Art of Rap (2012)

    Public Enemy - Prophets of Rage

    Beef 1Beef 2Beef 3Beef 4

    Big Pun - The Legacy

    Wu - The Story of the Wu Tang Clan

    Up In Smoke Tour

    Jay Z Reasonable Doubt - Classic Albums

    The Art of 16 Bars


    Eminem Documentary - The Glory Days

    Biggie & Tupac

    Style Wars

    How Hip-Hop Changed The World: Part 1Part 2. & Part 3

    Tupac - Thug Angel

    Def Jux: Revenge of the Robots

    N.W.A - The World’s Most Dangerous Group

    Snoop Dogg Behind The Music

    DMX Behind The Music

    50 Cent Behind the Music

    Nas VH1 documentary

    The Game - Life After Math

    Planet Rock The Story of Hip Hop and the Crack Generation

    40 Years of hip hop by KRS-ONE

    The Freshest Kids

    Beat Kings w/ Wu’s DJ Mathematics

    And Ya Dont Stop

    Bosses In the Booth

    The Field

    United Ghettos of America

    Jay Z - Fade to Black

    Tupac - Ressurection

    Big Fun In The Big Town

    Madlib, Babu and Cut Chemist - Brasilintime

    Lil Wayne - The Carter Documentary

    U-God - Rise Of A Fallen Soldier

    Method Man features in Strip Club documentary

    48 Hours with Raekwon

    Old Dirty Bastard - Dirty Thoughts

    Wu-Tang Saga

    Dr. Dre Documentary

    Eazy-E - The Ruthless Documentary

    Black Mafia Family - The Rise and Fall of a Hip-Hop Drug Empire

    U.G.K - Kings of the Underground

    Beastie Boys - Beastieography

    Louis Theroux - Gangsta Rap

    The Notorious B.I.G - Life After Death

    J Dilla - Still Shining

    Sampling Documentary - Copyright Criminals

    Mobb Deep - Infamous Allegiance Part 1

    Mobb Deep - Infamous Allegiance Part 2

    G-Unit - True Story

    Ice-Cube - The Making of a Don

    Young Jeezy - A Hustlerz Ambition

    Dipset Byrdgang All Access Killa Season

    Lil Boosie - Bad Azz

    Lil Boosie - Last Dayz

    Gucci Mane - No Pad No Pencil

    Tony Yayo - Thoughts of a Predicate Felon

    DJ Whoo Kid and 50 Cent - Return of the Body Snatchers

    Sydney Hip Hop Culture

    Whats up Fatlip? (A Spike Jonze short)

    Behind the Scenes of Battle Rap - The Reemergance

    MTV Diary - Method Man And Redman

    Suge Knight - On The Real

    Lil Kim - Driven (Behind the music)

    Whatever Happened to Hip-Hop?

    Vanilla Ice Documentary (lol)

    Jay Z - The Rise of Jay Z

    Eazy-E Documentary

    Ice T - Behind the Music

    Big Daddy Kane Documentary

    Kanye West - Where The Lonely Kids Go When The Bell Rings

    The Neptunes - 8th Planet

    Danny Brown - Old Documentary

    Outkast - Driven

    ESPN 30 for 30 - Straight out of L.A (NWA & Raiders documentary):Part 1 , Part 2, & Part 3

    Kid Cudi - The Journey Of Mr. Rager

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